Monday, January 31, 2011

Raging H&M - from the vault

From Last Summer when my nails were long, I give you H&M Fashionista with Orly Rage on the tippy tips:
Sorry for the sideways shots, I guess I uploaded without straightening them out. I really love the 2 H&M polishes that I own thanks to swaps with friends in other countries...Now I know I can send my son to the Seattle store and just pick them up when I go visit. :) 


  1. In retrospect, I see I've already posted this in a "nail spam" type post...but still, I loved this mani, so I'll leave it up!

  2. I love this :D the tips are so pretty :)

  3. nice mani !!
    i 'm your 539 follower i have a blog come on see if you want !

  4. That sure is one gorgeous shade. Haha, so funny about later sending your son to H&M to get polishes for you. Cute!


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