Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl...Ho Hum

I swatched the mighty lemming last night at Nordstroms and left it there after comparing it to real black pearls in the jewelry department.  I love black pearls and so I was excited to see if it was worth the hype.

I have to say, for me, it isn't. But then I really wanted it to look like a black pearl on my nails. In my opinion, this color is too green. That would be ok, but there should be some brown duochrome in there to make it work like a real pearl.

I realize that the black pearl comes in many tones, from gray to brown to green and even almost silver, but they all have a duochrome that is, sadly lacking in this polish.

So today, while trying to cram all the new polish in with my existing stash, I rooted through the stash to find comparable shades that might make my fussy ass happy!  I found it in Misa's "It's You!"  It's got the right balance of green/brown duochrome with just a little too much sparkle to completely pull it off but, I can keep my 25 bucks and have the color I want don my nails anytime I want it to. :)

That makes me happy!

Here are a few comparison shots: Thumb is always Chanel Black Pearl. (I realize my cuticles look like hell, just look at the pretty colors!) But first, let's begin with a few pictures of some ACTUAL Black Pearls:

With Gosh Purple Heart (too much like Nubar Peacock Feathers and Borghese Stellar Notte ie: too much purple)

With Nubar Moon Shadow (thought the brown might work, but nope, it shows up very purple too.)

Sally Hansen Prisms Emerald Amethyst is actually very close, just reversed, but I can live with that.

And with Misa "It's You!"  is an almost perfect dupe only better! It shows the duochrome better in the shade, the sunlight brings out the shimmer and it's a bit more sparkly than the Chanel and/or a real Black Pearl. This one actually has the green in the middle with the purple around the edges. It's gorgeous!

I also compared it to the new Estee Lauder Wild Storm, very similar, but WS is more silver...still, I think I see a trend here. :)

And since I swapped my untried Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot, I had to swatch that (I'll replace it with my Apothica gift cert won from Evil Angel) Love this color so much!

This is what my hands looked like after all the swatching. :) And again, please ignore the horrible condition of my cuticles. I've been doing a bunch of house cleaning and it's time for a deep moisture treatment. That week in Las Vegas was hard on my skin!

Why yes, that IS Lippmann Marquee Moon...which shall be mine one day. I love it, it's so different! The sparkles is me comparing Lippmann Happy Birthday with Milani Gems. I know they're not exact, but they're similar enough I can live without HB.

All in All, this Lizard gives Chanel Black Pearl a rating of Chilly. I'd say Tepid, but for the's definitely chilly!

Which color do you like best or do you have an even better "Black Pearl" color? Tell me about it please!


  1. Fantastic comparison post. I'll take the black pearl ring (pic 2) in the ornate setting though.

    It's just not a nail colour I fancy. Sort of gunmetal grey. Don't get the hype - so good for me because I save money! Hurrah.

  2. I actually like the Nubar Amethyst!

  3. I think I feel the same way about this one as I do about most Chanel polishes. Pretty, sort of interesting colour, but not worth the price tag when there are alternatives out there.

    Thanks for the comparisons!

  4. thank you for all the effort =) great post, very informative! =D
    lots of love and hugs =D

  5. I like the Emerald Amethyst best. But I'd sell my own mother for that black pearl set in gold!!!! 8)

  6. I'm not really a fan of Chanel Black Pearl either...I might buy it if it were sold for the price of a drugstore polish, but for the Chanel price tag? No thanks. :)

  7. I went back and looked at my swatches of Black Pearl and I looked at yours. I think BP looks much better on you. It really didn't flatter my skintone at all. :(

    However, now I feel I must go to the Barielle site and order polishes. I tend to forget about them at times. How sad am I? lol

    I always fall for Chanel. The Chanel purchase I fell for and still kick myself over is Riva. That had to be the *worst* formula I've ever worked with.


    PS Your cuticles don't look bad at all. They're quite tame to some other people's pictures. I actually had to stop following a blog bec her cuticles looked so painful. I felt sick every time I looked at her pictures. :( As a girl who used to live in the desert (Vegas and Phoenix), I know exactly how drying the environment is.

  8. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I WAS NOT FOLLOWING YOU!!! :( sad panda. thanks for all the great comparisons!

  9. Hey Elizabthe, thanks for entering my giveaway and for the recommendation! I couldn't make my mind between the Natural Eye Palette or the Naked Eye Palette... but I finally went for the Natural one. Don't worry about the second comment, I got your email, thanks! You have a total of 8 entries. Good luck! =D

  10. I think that the color looks pretty similar to Lucerne-tainly by OPI from the Swiss collection.


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