Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Champagne Toast Anyone?

I had to post this up because I haven't seen pictures that do this polish justice AT ALL. Even our Goddess of Nail Polish: Scrangie, didn't truly capture it's awesomesauceness.   I'm talking about Barielle's Jess's Champagne Toast.
This polish is simply tantalizing and I cannot stop looking at my nails. It's a lavender silver with tiny pink slivers of glitter. It's just amazing in it's simplicity and elegance. I love this polish...can you tell?

All the photos were taken under incandescent 12 volt light with the white balance on my camera set manually to capture true white. I have looked at these beside the color on my nails and this is true to form, though the second photo captures it best. I have to add, it looks textured in the photos, but it really isn't...this polish is smooth even before topcoat.

I think the polish looks a whole lot like the bottle color and I truly do love this one. Looks like my son will get one more ornament to add to his tree. :)

Remember to click so you can see all the detail (and my winter cuticles.)

On another note, I tried NailTek II and my nails are peeling more than ever before. Guess that is proof that everyone is different. Anyone want a couple of bottles of this stuff...one brand new and the other slightly used? I've honestly not had much luck with some of the stuff I've seen suggested on other blogs lately. Dermelect seems ok, but I don't get the stellar results that Scandalous or Bright Lights, Big Color have seen on their nails. I guess it's time for me to return to my old favorite...more on that soon.

Did you pick this one up? Did you like it or hate it?


  1. I got this one and blogged about it. I liked it, myself. I think your second photo is the closest to representing the color. Purple is just plain hard with photographing it.

  2. Oooh love this color! NailTek got me with peeling too and I got frustrated and put acrylics back on. Everything isnt for everybody I guess LOL

  3. Yes, this didn't get enough blog-love. It's much better in person than the (mostly) insipid photos it seems to generate.

  4. I didnt grab this one, but I will be adding ti to my next Barielle order.

    I grabbed "Elle's Spell", "Date Night" and "Cashmere me or loose me"

  5. I've had a bunch of peelie issues with various basecoats that other bloggers swear by. We all have different nail chemistry and product exposure.

    My HG base coat is Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler with silk, it slows my peeling problems in winter and demolishes them in the summer. Unfortunately, it does not retard staining.

    For staining issues, I use a coat of Nubar Nu-nails over the Barielle Ridge Filler.



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