Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've joined the Cult! (Warning Picture heavy!)

Cult Nails that is...I have to be brutally honest here, because we all know Maria, the lines creator/owner, is a fellow blogger and a friend to many of us.

I wasn't going to purchase this nail polish. Another purple gray I didn't need. Not even really a fan of gray polish, but it's starting to grow on me thanks to my son's color preferences and I have to say he's right...desaturated colors look best with skin. I digress.

I purchased this polish because I've been following Maria's blog almost from the beginning post and I didn't want to NOT have it. Like Landa over at Bright Lights Big Color, I too wanted an Autographed bottle to have in my collection to enjoy as Maria's star rose into the limelight.

I got my bottle last Monday and applied it Tuesday night. At first, I found the formula a bit thick, but as I learned to work with it, I really began to appreciate it! It stayed RIGHT where I put it and, as so many other reviews have pointed out, it just about applied itself. And I have to say, this polish wears like IRON. The pictures you are about to see are from Saturday afternoon (sun) and Sunday afternoon (shade).  I've worked them too, filing at work, pushing plenty of paper - and we all know what that can do to tipwear! I've torn boxes apart, plenty of typing and dishes too...without gloves...I had to know. :)

I wasn't a huge fan of the price, but it matches the quality so I'll not complain any more! I do believe she's created a formula to rival that of Rescue Beauty Lounge. Yes, I said it and I mean it.
Ok, enough gushing, here are pictures after 4 and 5 days of wear. This is three coats over base coats with top coat of Seche Vite. On my left forefinger I have added a coat of Lippmann's On a Clear Day and I think it's love. It's subtle in the photos, but it's noticeably shinier to my eye.
 These are all of my left hand.

 And here is the right hand


  1. ive read alot of good reviews before about this gorgeous color and now im eager to try it out after i read your review~~=D

  2. Isn't it gorgeous! It looks amazing on you and my god, the wear I still can't get over. If I hadn't wear tested it out myself I wouldn't have believed it

  3. That color couldn't be more perfect on you! I love it! Impressive wear too =)


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