Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Beauty (and some nail spam)

So I was talking to my BFF yesterday after a rather upsetting meeting with the cardiologist and during our conversation she mentioned that her hubby had found photos from when they were really young. Long story/"Reader's Digest Version": She married her half-sister's cousin on the side of the parent they don't share. (they have the same Mother.)  They've known each other for YEARS and finally realized that this love they've always felt for one another isn't forbidden or incestuous after all. And I am so happy they are together, as I see them both glowing from a dream fulfilled. But I digress.

Upon her mention of the photos, I asked her if she could look at her younger self and see the gorgeous young woman she was, and she said yes. (Actually she said Hell yes! Damn! I was fine! lol)  And I asked her to remember how unaccepting she was of that young woman when she inhabited THAT body. She remembered, (think about it, we all do). So I asked her then if she could take that knowledge and allow herself to believe that she is still that beautiful woman, just older and wiser - and she said no. :(  She did add that her husband thought she was and that that was good enough for her.

But I have been pondering this since we had that conversation. Why are we so unaccepting of where we are RIGHT NOW? Why do we focus on our flaws rather than show off our beauty? Why don't we love ourselves as we look NOW the same way we love those old pictures of the younger version? Why are we still having trouble being comfortable in our own skin?

I don't have the answer, this is just what I'm pondering right now, and working on changing within myself. Yes I am carrying extra weight, and the current stress I'm under sometimes has me reverting to old habits of reaching for easy, bad choices for food.  But that doesn't change that I am a beautiful person. I have pretty eyes, amazing cheekbones and my hair can look amazing when I take time to style it. I have pretty feet! I do! And my legs aren't bad either. Even at this larger size, the legs seem to keep their shape and I'm proud of them.

So, I may not be perfect but, parts of me are excellent. I'm a work in progress and I'm working on allowing myself to realize how beautiful, talented, caring, funny and kind I am.

I know this is a blog about nail polish, so I'll share some spam now. :)

 A Lovely H&M polish which I don't remember the name of and I am in bed now so I'm not getting up to find out and Orly Rage on the tips (ala EvilAngel)
 In the shade
 Lippman Across the Universe. (LOVE)
 Shady close up...such depth. Love this so much.
 Sunny shot. This is definitely up there on my list with ChG Atlantis.
 China Glaze Crystal Ball - A lemming fulfilled. Sooooo pretty!
 Halloween Nails I did for a friend/co-worker during lunch one day last week. Used Miss Marion Ebony (black creme) and Sally Hansen Insta Dry white for the stamping. The Jewels were sent to me from KONADomania a long time ago in a fantastic swap that I didn't take pictures of but am enjoying so very much. In fact, the H&M pictured at top was part of that. (I cannot find the blue!!! *cries*)
 Close up of thumb. She has tiny hands.
 Blurry close up
One more to show the horrific job I did at applying the black. Oh well, she loved it and it was pretty too!

So, find a picture of yourself and post it up on your blog or send me a link here. Let's learn to treat ourselves now as we would have treated that younger woman. And for you younger woman reading, pay attention to us older ladies. There's a good lesson here and you'll be ahead of the game if you get the hang of this now.
Here's mine:
 Taken in 1983 or 1984...Summer time. I was in a dear friend's wedding.
The night before at her Bachelorette party. 
A few sheets to the wind, but having fun.

Alright, your turn! GO!


  1. These are the questions I keep asking myself. I'm still very young, but I keep being unhappy with myself from year to year. I suffer from depressions of being not good enough, not making things for my future hard enough, how overweight I am and so on...
    The only thing I know that things really start to turn around when someone tells you that loves you. The way you are.
    I love the thing how happy you are on these pictures. You were and you are a beautiful woman and you have a wonderful personality : I can tell, even though I don't know you as much as a bunch of other people. Just watching from the side ahaha!

    And for the polishes : I seriously have to stop drooling over ATU now. :)))

  2. Smalto- You are so right! Thank you! And I didn't have to get out of bed! :)

    Daria - thanks for the kind words. YOU are beautiful, and you are ENOUGH. You are not perfect, but you are perfect just as you are. Be the person that loves you enough to tell you these things. Why must we get them from outside of ourselves? <3

  3. This was a wonderful post. Thank you. :)

  4. Skulda - you're welcome! I hope you'll show off your beauty today!


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