Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Stash, My Heart, My Passion for Polish!

I know I've told most of you, and it's no big deal (I thought it was when I first got the news but I've adjusted since) but I will be going into the hospital on Wednesday, November 10 at 6:30 am local time for a procedure in my heart at 8:30 am. It's called Cardiac Ablation. It's not a "surgery" per se but a "procedure" LOL... they'll go up thru my artery (from my groin) to the heart with three skinny wires: one to stimulate the suspect problem and cause the problem reliably...one to see what they're doing, and one to do the freeze burn of the offending cells. Takes a minimum of 1.5 hours, maximum of 2. Then I'll be in the hospital for the rest of the day under observation to make sure they didn't break anything. They say I should be able to return to work the next day and I won't have to take medication for this problem EVER AGAIN!!! I am soooo looking forward to that, the meds make me retain unhealthy amounts of water and I have fat lower legs, ankles and feet. I'll probably lose 20 lbs the first couple weeks just from water retention. :)

No more meds, no more worries about SVT, hiking and biking can resume without worry, (just attention to injury prevention) and that will be a very very good thing.

So that is what I'm focusing on, but once in a while...the scary stuff creeps in and I just remember that there are good people out there thinking happy thoughts for me and it helps calm me down. Odds are in my favor, not fantastic, but not bad. So keep a happy thought for me tomorrow, okay?

After the Nail Polish Party with my co-workers, I had to reorganize my stash. So I dumped it out, sorted it and took some photos. I have not yet taken photos of my organizational choice, I guess I need to get to that next.

I do sort by color family, I find it easiest for me in my super tiny space. I have no need to sort by brand then color, just put the color families together and I know where to go for a purple, red, pink, blue or whatever thank-you-very-much.

Here begins the spam...bail now if your computer is slow. :) Remember: all of my pictures are clickable for your viewing pleasure. :)

So here's the stash in all it's not so organized glory: I sorted them by brand first but here's the whole shebang!
 Then we have all the China Glaze
 Followed by the lovely Zoya
 The nail polish pile of a price I swore I would never pay for a bottle of polish...and a stray bottle of Poshe?
 My beloved Essie collection.
 The "not found in drugstores but maybe sometimes in other lands" pile
 The Diamond Cosmetics pile...oh so small
 The "what I can get at my local drugstores" pile (lots of Orly in there)
The pathetically small OPI collection. (Told you, I am NOT a fan.)
 My Del Sols. I love these...I live where it's more sunny than anything else...except for the odd 10th year or so. These polishes belong here. It's just too bad that so many of them just turn the same shade of purple.
 Ahhhh, Nubar, my loves
 Sweet Color Clubs, such a great formula, such great pigments, so affordable!
 My favorite treatments, base and top coats (the rest were in the drugstore pile)
Then I sorted thru some of the piles, starting with the "I will never pay that much for nail polish" pile
Here are my Lippmann's, but one of them (the one beside the box) isn't really mine. I just took it out of the box to get a bottle shot. That's "Don't Tell Mama" and it belongs to someone else..yeah, you know who you are! The rest, left to right: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (I had to, I am a HUGE Benatar Fan), Wicked Game, Across the Universe (LOVE), Bad Romance (meh)
 My Rescue Beauties. 3 I won, 1 I got in a swap. I'll have a few more soon! Not many though...just um...6 I think?
 Who doesn't love Nfu Oh?
 Models Own...purchased during the 50% off sale. So far, from the ones I've tried, I like them. I think Peacock Green is my favorite. It's the exact color of that 'eye' of the peacock feather. 
 Assorted others that I only have ONE bottle from the makers. I think it's pretty funny that the one color I did bring home from my trip to Seattle last April out of all the polish I bought up there, I brought home the SH LE dupe. I didn't even know it, just really liked it and hadn't worn it yet. :) 
After I pulled out the Models Own, Miss Marion (you've seen that entire collection already) The 3 Misa's I own, the Gosh and the Finger paints, this is what was left. (I thought I took pics of those too, but apparently not.) Many of these were attained through swaps with some really great new friends. I wish I knew where my H&M Bella's Choice went off to...I'm sure it's around here somewhere.
There you have it, my stash. So far. I don't need a Helmer...don't have the space for one. As it is, this is too much for my little home, but I love them and so I let them crowd me a little...for now. But who knows? Maybe there will be an amazing blog sale at some point. I have to say, probably 50% (or more) of these are untried!  Do you see one I should try soon? Which one?


  1. wishing you the best for your procedure tomorrow, scary to go through something like that but very encouraging that at the end of the tunnel there is the light of not having to take medication and your quality of life improving...that's all that matters

    love the stash pics too

  2. <3 I wish you a speedy recovery and a smooth procedure!!!!

  3. heyy! i sort of jumped on to your blog from some other one and i LOVE it! it is so random that i happened to read this post bc i had an ablation for SVT when i was in 8th grade -- and i have been absolutely perfect since! good luck!

    xx, alex


  4. ps i am obsessed with all deborah lippman polishes and i live in santa barbara too!! haha strange!

    xx, alex

  5. i loooooooooooooove lookin at peoples stashes! i hope everything goes well. my sisinlaw had cardiac ablation and she did great, so I hope its as easy for you as well! xoxo

  6. woaaaa soo many untried polishes lol xD
    i have request, can u swatch that purple pastel colors butter? hehe

  7. Hope everything goes well, and see you posting soon :)

  8. This was so nice to come home to today! Thank you all for the thoughtful comments. Alex, I'm old enough to be your mom, but I am totally UP for getting together to talk about nail polish and fashion. (I'm handicapped in the fashion arena.)

  9. Wow! Your nail photos are awesome and a lot of fun. Thanks! :)

    I happen to really like OPI, so if you wanna swap some of your old bottles, let me know :)

  10. Thanks Jackie! I like the OPI's I have. I just don't own many...they have to be really spectacular for me to buy one...and some I've gotten via swaps. I don't know what it is about OPI...maybe because I tend to go against the trend? Mostly because I don't often see a color in their offering that floats my boat.

  11. I hope your "procedure" went well!

  12. Wowee!! What a beautiful stash you have!!! :)


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