Monday, June 28, 2010

Nubar Spark - the Office appropriate Prismatic/Holo

Like Ange-Marie (happy early Birthday woman!), I am a holo-whore. So I had to get the entire Nubar Prisms set when I got a killer discount and could afford to order it along with the Nubar Reds (which are also absolutely divine!)

I chose Nubar Spark to wear first because I had a big business event I had to attend and I was the person doing the checking in of all the business women. I thought this was a nice color to use for the event, understated but with some bling in the right light. It wasn't really noticed and that's pretty much what I was going for. Yeah, I saw a few eyes diverting to my nails, but no one said anything. Success!
Here is Nubar Spark in evening sunlight: (you can always click the pics for a bigger view)

In the shade with the flash from my cell phone:
Again in the evening sun/shade...almost my prism mannequin hand?
One more time!

For this mani, I used all Nubar products: 2 coats Foundation Base Coat, 2 coats polish and 1 coat Diamont Top Coat. This manicure wore so well, I was truly impressed. The Nubar products work very well together and gave me a mani that lasted a week and might have gone long had I been able to avoid boredom and need a new color to look at. You can get Nubar nail products at

I have to say, this isn't the most prismatic/holo nail polish I own, but it is a holo that is suitable for the office and for that the Lizard give it a rating of Toasty. I'll wear it again for work or when I need that understated bling that Nubar Spark is so good at delivering.


  1. Looks like an oxymoron but it's not! =D gorgeous on you! <3

  2. I love nude holo. I love anything holo. I'm a holo whore.
    Have you seen that on the last picture you have a litte beastie on your thumb? :D

  3. I wear OPI DS Classic for this same purpose; from your pics I see this Nubar might be an even better choice for me.

  4. @Jellynat - LOL! I didn't even notice! He's kinda ugly. :p

  5. This is a gorgeous Holo! I love holos and neutrals so this is perfect for me! It looks amazing on you - mosquito and all! ;)

  6. That's a very pretty holo!And your nails look great!


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