Friday, June 18, 2010

Iridescent Pink/Purple Comparison

I thought I would do duochrome purples next but I changed my mind. Those, aka "peacocks" will come later, since I already compared two of them before.

Today I will show you the Iridescent Pink/Purples that were in my stash:
They are: A no name Sephora mini, Sinful Let Me Go and Sally Girl It's So You. 

Here they are on the nail in the above order and in the shade (mostly 3 coats each):

And in full sunlight:

I'm keeping the Sephora mini. I suppose the Sinful would be pretty for layering, but I wanted the bottle color. Maybe it needs to be applied over a similar pink creme? Any suggestions? Oh it doesn't matter, it's already left the stash. :)

But to give you a bit more information on them: 
Sephora no name mini:  The brush was wide for a mini, but I liked the formula and it's got the best pigmentation. It had the pigmentation I WANTED the Sinful to have. Lizard rating: Balmy

Sinful Let Me Go: No problem there, you're gone! Hehehee!  This was a watery, bubbly 4 coat mess. It's really similar to the Sally Girl one, but even the Sally Girl had better pigmentation. Lizard rates this one Chilly...actually, how about Arctic. LOL

Sally Girl It's So You: Ok, you can have it then! (Just kidding)  The formula on this one was really nice, the brush is ok for a mini, actually, I am impressed by the brushes and handles on these little gals. :)  Lizard rating: Tepid. This one might be good for layering, but I'm done deluding myself with the idea of keeping minis in my stash to keep my stash small. This one goes too.

So I'm keeping only the Sephora Mini, it is the only one in the group that gets to bottle color. The other ones don't even come close. I have had the Sephora for a while now and have checked the display every time I go to Sephora and I never see it there I apologize now for creating any lemmings that won't ever be fulfilled.  


  1. Let Me Go looks great when layered over black! Check it out!

  2. OMgs.. that Sinful bottle looks massive compared to the minis!!
    Sephora wins. No arguements there.

  3. @ SmoochieFrog...too late, I let it go. :D)

    @Skulda...That Sephora polish is a dream come true for me, too bad they never released it as a full size. Sinful: The Hulk of Polishes in this comparison. :)

    @DesertNails8...I thought so! :)

  4. I actually got 2 bottles of Let Me Go because they both were different colors! I'm guessing they will both perform as you have reviewed though. Blah...I like the Sephora one too.

  5. I love that Sephora polish. It looks utterly amazing over dark colors. :) Oh, and I believe it's called Tectonic.

  6. I love Sephora minis! I have 3 or 4 of them and they are all cute and fun.

  7. ELIZABETH!!! You're back!! =D I hope you had a great trip! =] I think these iridescent polishes would look great layered over a dark creme. I can't really stand the sheerness of polishes that are like this. But then again, that's just me. =p

  8. Great comparison!
    I finally found the time to start reading your blog (and poor me, now I'll never be able to stop).
    I put you in my blog roll and that's were you'll have to stay.
    You are brave to cull your stash, I hold on to mine for dear life.. ;-)

  9. That Sephora sure is pretty!

  10. OK, why is it that so many colors in this genre end up way watery and sheer, and when you put them on, they end up leaning toward pink when the color in the bottle is clearly more lavender? I bought one of the new Confettis in a shade very similar to the ones in your post and I am hoping it is not a watery, sheer pink mess! haha. :)


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