Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Culling Continues with Corals

These are, according to my notes, the Light Corals. The players are, in order of appearance from left to right: Zoya Calypso, Essie Shindig and Zoya Cassi.
In natural light, no flash pic this time. and below on my nails in the same order, left to right in shade...a little too much shade for Cassi, but still you can see her color.
One more shady pic to try to let Cassi show her shady side...(I really dislike the uneven length of my nails here.)
And below in the sun: Ka-POW says Calypso!
All were 3 coats to this coverage.

The Zoyas were both a bit thin and watery but easy to control while the Essie formula was buttery and it also had a fuller brush.

Zoya Calypso is a very pretty orange/coral base with multi colored shimmer. This one is VERY pretty and I am fond of Orange so it's a favorite. Lizard Rating: Toasty!
Essie Shindig is soooo pretty in the bottle. I love just looking at the bottle and swirling it around. It also has a multi colored shimmer but the base has more pink (truer coral) and not as much shimmer as Calypso. Lizard rating: Balmy
Zoya Cassi is a soft coral with a gold shimmer, nice but it loses to Calypso for me. Lizard rating: Tepid

I think all three are still in my stash, but after taking a second look and doing this comparison, I'm thinking I can let go of Cassi.
What do you think? Which one or two would you keep...or would you keep all three? And if so, why?


  1. I'd keep Cassi.
    I'd ditch Shindig (brushstrokes).
    I'd SELL Calypso (because Zoyas are hard to get in the UK and I'd get a bit of money for it).

  2. Oooow, they are so much alike! I dunno, I'd probably keep Essie because it has the best looking bottle. I'd sell the other two ZOYA polishes. Or maybe I'd give one ZOYA to a blogger named Tiana :D No, no, just kidding ;)

  3. oooohhh how I love corals! And indeed, Calypso looks great. Thank you for the swatch :)

  4. They all look great, but they are so much alike. I think I would keep Essie, and sell the other two. :-) They all look great on you though.

    By the way, I started a nail blog. Would love to have you as a follower, if you're interested. :-)


  5. Ohh love corals :)

    I think I like Essie and Cassi best. Calypso is too orangey for me! And the ones I mentioned also look the best on you!

    I'm following you ;)


  6. oooh i really like calypso! i was going to buy on my last order from zoya (during the exchange) but put it back at the last second. now i wish i would've kept it. i LA LA LOVE CORALS!!!

  7. Cassi falls flat for me, but the formula looks better than Shindig....oh this is hard. Cassi should go :)

  8. you have really pretty nails and nicely sustained cuticles:D Cassi is my fave


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