Wednesday, July 6, 2011

almost 400??? How did that happen? And life's little upheavals -Picture heavy

This poor little neglected blog is still getting new followers and I'm so grateful for every single one of you!

Life has tossed a few challenges my way of late, but we're resurfacing slowly and there are some exciting changes in the works for me and my family.
On June 5th, as I was travelling home from a wonderfully relaxing visit with my son who lives in Seattle, a power line came down and fell on my little gypsy home...and blew it up. Not literally, and yet, literally.
 It actually MELTED the metal - and apparently it bounced.
 This is a huge burned out hole in the siding...water was coming in like crazy...we had huge buckets under to catch it, but still had to empty them every 2 hours or so.
 There's a small hole in the siding to the left and down a bit from that orange light...the electrical flow blew out of there too.
 Those black marks aren't dirt, they are burn marks.
 and there are MANY.
 Inside: the fuse box...the lid sits where it landed. (sorry for the hairy rug, it's where we kept the dog's water and food.)
 It caught fire, but fizzled out (thank goodness!)
The explosive force blew the fuse box out of the wall. 

So we're working on a few things (housing for one) and getting our lives back in order. It's been interesting!

I'm still in awe of the number of followers I have now...I've been away a while and had no idea people were still finding this lil' blog of mine. I've got some stash for a giveaway and when I reach 400, I will make that happen.  I'm also REALLY excited to be attending the upcoming CosmoProf show in Las Vegas with quite a few other really talented and fun bloggers! Krystal over at has been very busy getting us all coordinated to get together and have a good time. She also published this little delight:  so get over there and take a look, if you aren't following ALL of these blogs, you're missing out on some GREAT stuff.

I'll end this post with my Independence day mani:
 I was going for fireworks in an evening sky...missed the mark, but it was still pretty!
Sally Hansen Crack overcoat in Distressed Denim over Nfu Oh 61.
More posts coming...soon too!
~The Lizard


  1. Oh my goodness--so glad you didn't get burned up!

  2. Oh my gosh, that IS scary! I think you said something about this on Twitter? I hope things get situated for you very soon. <3


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