Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I wear my Sunglasses at Night

This is Orly Flash Glam "Sunglasses at Night" all by itself, 4 coats. It was lovely, super easy to apply and the tip shrinkage is from the topcoat - my Cult Nails Wicked Fast needs to be thinned a bit.

This is a hairy glitter as I like to call them. A navy blue jelly with prismatic hairy glitter. I love it. I loved it in the bottle and even more so on my nails. I will try it again sometime over a dark blue, but truly, I loved it on its own very much.  On to the pictures: (which are crappy flash cell phone pictures...and I'm sorry, it's the best camera I have right now...hoping Santa will bring me a nice new one, but not holding my breath.)

Just look at that Prismatic beauty! This wore for a good 5 days. I used the soak-off method to remove it without any issues. I think it's my favorite Flash Glam so far...but I have a few more untrieds to try.

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