Friday, March 25, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

This is a really cool polish bottle. My BFF's daughter picked it up at a "Spirit Super Store" during Halloween and I think it's way cool. Apparently they only had this pretty red with gold shimmer and of course Black.
Click 'em to make 'em BIG!

What a cool bottle. I want one! What about you?


  1. I bought something like that from a grocery store once; it was pink, shimmery, and rose scented. That was about 10 yrs ago, though. So funny/cool that they still make those bottles!

  2. How very cool and original. Yes. I'm a sucker for an unusual/cute polish bottle. I'd love one (or more). lol

  3. Neat! That's one unique look. Are you going to swatch it?

  4. @Kimberly No, it isn't mine and it is currently about 450 miles north of me. :(

  5. So neat-o! I want one. Heck, I want a whole bouquet of them. :D

    We had a Spirit Hallowe'en store in this podunk town of mine, last year. I wish I knew they had those adorable polishes. I would have run in and nabbed me some. :D I will check them out, next Hallowe'en.

  6. omg, so cute! All bottles could be something similar :)


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