Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yellow comparison - China Glaze and Sally Hansen

And yet another comparison for you dear readers! I am so in the mood for sunny weather, so I figured I'd check out my two yellow cremes and see how they differed.
I compared China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, (LOVE) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow. (Like)

I am not sure EITHER one works on me as a single color to wear alone, but they will be good for Konad or Nail Art when I figure out how the HECK to do THAT! LMAO!!!

Take a look:


Combo lighting! :) I aim to please here!

Happy Go Lucky is the brighter yellow of the two, while Mellow Yellow is a bit softer. Both are pretty bright, but Happy Go Lucky is just "sunnier" to me.  China Glaze HGL is on my index Finger while Sally Hansen MY is on my middle finger. 

Both applied like I read on other blogs as yellows normally do...kind of streaky and a bit gloopy, but evened out at 3 coats. No top coat used here as these were just swatches and they were barely 5 mins dry at time of photos. 

Depending on sales and location these can be comparable in price, but I think SH will generally be the more economical choice. I am glad I got Happy Go Lucky to keep in my collex for something I will do at some point. :) It's just the right color for "Have a Nice Day" nails. 

Which one do you like better? Do you have an even better yellow in your stash? Tell me about it!

Have a sparkly, shimmery, and glossy day!


  1. Hmmm, I don't have much yellow in my collection somehow, but I do have 2 bottles of Mellow Yellow - & neither one is actually yellow like yours LOL. Mine are a greenish yellow, and kind of sheer... I wonder if mine are both from some off batch or if SH just re-used this name?

  2. I absolutely love, love yellow nail polish =)))) Both look great on ya!

  3. Yellow! YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW! Squee! I'm sooooo happy so many yellows have been released. I have HGL. Need the other now

  4. OMG! I think I'm blind! You're right: Happy Go Lucky looks better. AND it's more blinding. =)

  5. I think I like the ChG. I didn't think I really needed this, but I might have to get it after all, "Have A Nice Day" nails sound fantastic!

  6. OOh I want the China Glaze one! I have Mellow Yellow but it takes like 24 hours to dry completely and generally pisses me off (plus the fact that its the EXACT color of egg yolks turns me off a bit!).

  7. Trincess - you are a color girl like me I think. anything! as long as it has COLOR! lol
    Colette - MY is a bit greener than HGL, with HGL being brighter and MY being lighter. I wonder why yours looks green?
    Scandal (can I call ya that?)- You don't really, but it's cheap so why not. :)
    Nihrida - Hope you can see again real soon! ;)
    Jessica - if you do 'em, post 'em up!
    Lisa Kate - I was thinking HGL was the exact color of egg yolks and I liked that about it. :)
    Gildedangel - ah yes, but I like 'em too!

  8. Ahh, I have Mellow Yellow and mine is quite a bit greener and very sheer as well. That's so weird! I wonder why there are what appears to be two formulations with the same name. I think I'm going to need HGL. I was avoiding it, but I find yellow polishes hard to resist. Just love them.

  9. I love them both! :), great post.


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