Sunday, December 30, 2012

Act Like Ladies! (Picture Heavy)

I thought I posted this up a while ago...the holidays got a little busy! Sorry for the delay...
I've always been a little bit of a tomboy but all girlie-girl if that makes any sense to anyone but me.  When I saw this collection from Diamond Cosmetics I just had to have it. The price is always right, or so I thought, at Diamond Cosmetics, so I prepared my order only to be halted by the $15.00 flat shipping fee. That seemed rather steep to me...but a month later, after seeing a few other shades I wanted, I bit the bullet and ordered.
I won't order again until there are at least 15 bottles I'm lemming from Diamond Cosmetics, that's the only way to make it worth the shipping! (Which, now that I think about it, is probably their purpose for the shipping fee.)

On to the polish that turns out to be worth every penny of the less than $5.00 per bottle spent.
The collection:

The swatches:
We begin with Bite Me, a rich red shimmer that has depth and glow. This is the perfect Holiday red. It's one of those "glows from within" colors. It's a red I actually like, and I'm not one to wear many red lacquers. Lizard rating: Toasty!

Next up we have "How Rude". A nude shimmer. The shimmer is golden. It gives this nude almost a sunset appearance. I have "Desert Sunrise" somewhere in my collection and will compare it in the near future. I'm not a big fan of nudes, but I like the way this one looks. Lizard Rating: Tepid

From there, we move into the only creme in the collection. "Karen's Got a Gun." This is a green gray like Pantone PMS 5753. I love it. It's like a darkened Rescue Beauty Lounge "Diddy Mow." An odd color, but it's actually neutral and extremely complimentary to my skin tone. Lizard Rating: Toasty!

Moving on to the Foil/microglitter finishes this is "You Want It When?" There are two foil/microglitters in this collection and I really don't know which one I like better. Both are so complex. "You Want It When?" is a Rosy Gold from a distance, but it has small specks of blue and so many other colors!  The slight variation of the specks gives the polish a slight duo/multichrome effect in certain lighting. These are keepers! Lizard rating: Sizzling!

Next up: "Pay Up" another foil/multichrome with the same properties described above. This one leans more deep antique gold from a distance and changes

That brings us to the FLAKIES!!! Yes, there are two of those in this collection. First up is "Drama Queen" which is a really pretty steel gray blue shimmer with multicolored flakies. This one is cool. Work safe even yet has a bit of drama. Hence the name perhaps. It's a lovely color and I've not seen this shade done with flakies by any other polish company that I'm familiar with or can get in the USA. Another Sizzling! rating from the Lizard. I'll wear this one again and again.

Last in the collection and yet oh so familiar: "Ungrateful" a dark violet shimmer with flakies. If you have OPI Merry Midnight - this is a close dupe, but I'll show you in my next post that it's a dead on dupe for another polish, and I'm betting my readers that are polish collectors like me, know exactly what that color is. Stay tuned for that comparison tomorrow! Lizard rating: Toasty! (only because I already have a dupe. If you missed the dupe, then you might love this one.)

 The formula on these was excellent. I applied Bite Me with an accent nail of Pay Up? You Want It When?? and it's lasted 6 days only one small chip showing up today.  I see some possible dupes...and I'm wondering if You Want it When? or Pay Up is a dupe of the latest foil in the Mariah Carey collection...
See any you like?


  1. Wow!!! These nail colors are so beautiful! Love the colors for they all look elegant and classy. Perfect for any occasion.

  2. They have such awesome colors, they just need to advertise more! And when did their shipping get so pricey?


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