Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fifty Followers and my first giveaway!

I've only been at this a short time and it's been a blast. I keep reading other blogs and learning tips too (see a most excellent one HERE ), but I would be doing this for nothing if I didn't have people actually reading what I type or, at the very least, checking out the polish porn.

I have, by some miracle, reached more then 50 followers and so, as promised, I present to you, my first ever and probably my only for a little while...giveaway!

Let me start by saying, it's a tough economy and I am no stranger to it so I wish I could do so much more, just because that is my nature, but the financial times say I gotta be realistic here and so I did the very best that I could. I hope that you like what I've put together.

I wanted to make it fun and have more than just one winner so, after scouring through my stash, doing some shopping to pick out some other fun stuff and here is what we have:

China Glaze Emerald Sparkled, Zoya Envy and Zoya Irene
for one winner
Sinful What's Your Name and Let's Talk from the new Rockstar collection,
and Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost
for the next winner
Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate, Wet n Wild Carribean Frost and
Sally Hansen Celeb City
for another winner!
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear minis (from the holidays) and the decals here below For winner #4!

These are all brand new, never used polish bottles.
Here's how to enter:

ANOTHER EDIT to add: The deadline for entry is February 26th - so that I have the weekend to draw winners and post it up! You have to be a follower...that's what I keep seeing and I think that's a good idea, so yeah, you have to do that.

Leave me a comment below telling me something you are looking forward to in the coming year, with everything being so challenging, let's see if we can't focus on some positive stuffs, ok?

That's almost it...if you want to have extra entries, please tweet, plurk, buzz, blog or facebook about my giveaway. Edited to add: I almost forgot! You can add me to your blogroll for another entry too.

Once you've determined how many entries you've got, make a note of your links and then...Fill out my form by clicking HERE
Good Luck Everyone! This giveaway is open to everyone, foreign and domestic. ;)


  1. Hello

    My name is Li Lian and I am a follower. I wo0uld love to be entered into you contest

    I look forward to a) graduating from university b) the winter olympics c) starting my gym training...I look forward to going to the gym everyday..

    I have written about this contest in my blog and you are on my blog roll. I have filled out the excel spreadsheet

    thanks for having this contest

  2. Congrats on your fifty followers! Nice giveaway you're having. :)

    I'm looking forward to this year because I just start a new internship and I'm feeling myself again since a few months. I'm happy the summer will arrive in a few months. :)

    I'll fill in the form later today, I'm having a lack of time at the moment..

  3. I'm a follower!

    You have been tweeted, added to my blog's contest sidebar, added to my blogroll, as well as emailing similarly polish mad friends!

    Now - this year I am looking forwards to:
    my blog really taking off
    buying lovely new polish
    (hopefully) getting a job and my driver's license
    and turning 23!


    When is the deadline for this contest?

    Also send me an email about the banner things - I'm more than happy to make whatever you want. :)

  4. Filled out the form!
    Great give away!

    I'm looking forward doing our bedroom. It is a mess, need to be re-built.
    Rest of the house needs to be finished, the garden, starting my nail salon again...

    So you see, lots to do. =)

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Everytime I visite your blog, a window flies open and tells me that I have to log in at twitter.

    Somethings wrong on your page.



  6. I'm looking forward to seeing my little niece make her first steps this year. =) That should be fun!
    Nice giveaway!

  7. I'm really looking forward to a lot of things this year! I just started a new job that I love, I've been setting out time for reading, I'll be transferring to a bigger and better university in the summer, my husband and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary and we might even get to go on vacation!! Very fun new year!

  8. Sorry for all the reposts...I'll do better next Giveaway/Contest. Deadline posted (Feb. 26)

  9. There is a chance that my boyfriend moves to California this year, and I'm looking forward to it =) Maybe I can follow him then, and even meet you in person! =D

  10. I follow via my Google Reader.

    I'm trying to work up to being able to run a 5K. I'm up to 2+ miles in 35 minutes as of now. That's my goal for this year.

  11. Trincess! Are you Kidding me??? That would be fanTAStic, but I do hope to have the opportunity to visit you in YOUR hometown someday!

  12. Really great giveaway and congrats on the 50 followers!

    I'm a follower and you are on my blogroll.

    I am looking forward to finishing high school! I am going to be done with my final class next week. Yay! I'm also looking forward to turning 18 in two weeks. And there is a chance I might be moving to live with my dad and little brother for awhile. Finally, I'm looking forward to the summer and spending time sailing!


  13. I am a follower. I think I am looking forward to trying to have more "me" time this year... I am a stay at home mom, so I don't get a lot of it!

  14. Nope, I'm not kidding =) May your thoughts and prayers be by our side, it would be a great opportunity for him if it happens! =D

  15. Hey! Thank you for the great giveaway and congrats on the subbies!

    I said that this year I'm gonna try to be a better person and win my confidence back, accept myself for who I am.

  16. Congrats on the 50 followers!
    I'm looking forward to... visiting my family back in good old Germany, a couple nice concerts I'm planning to go to in summer and, right now, a nice hot shower.

  17. Congrats on the followers! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I'm so excited.

    One thing I"m looking forward to is summer vacation and my trip to Europe. I'm so psyched and I can't wait! =]

  18. Hello,

    I am a follower!

    I am looking forward to the first birthday of my baby daughter in summer!

  19. Great giveaway.

    I'm looking forward to book a vacation to a greek island, the new wonderfull nailpolish collection that are coming, finding a job that is great for me.

  20. Congrats on all your followers!

    This year, I'm looking forward to playing with lots of crazy nail polish colors and meeting & getting to know more nail polish lovers via MUA and blogs like yours!

  21. Your sunny polish pictures cheer me up. No joke.I can almost feel the heat.

  22. Hello!!! I am a follower(

    I am looking forward to finishing my ISCE board exams and then... @ whole months of absolute freedom from studies! WHEEE!!!!!!!! I will blog my heart out then! (pssst, I have my 2nd giveaway coming up soon, shhhhh.)

    You are on my blogroll, i hope that gets you more followers :))))

  23. follower peripatetic33
    peripatetic 33 at hot mail dot com
    looking forward to a major shopping spree at head2toe, told myself i wouldn't buy anything new till i wore everythin i own at least once and i am almost there

  24. Hi, I'm a follower through Blogger!
    I hope 2010 will be better than 2009 for me, in April I will start a 6 months training/intership that I hope could become a job. So I'll have to study hard for that!
    And we also have to find a new house, my 2 kids need more space (and a garden)...This should be an "improvement" year!

  25. Hi! I'm Lena and I'm following you on Google! Looking forward to playing in the orchestra for my school play! xxx

  26. wicked giveaway! congrats on the big 50!!
    please sign me up :)

    i'm a follower

    and i've tweeted:

  27. Hey girl! Love your contest! You know I'm a follower and you have been on my blogroll since day one! I'm hoping to do a contest once I get to my 100th post which will be very soon! Love ya =)


  28. Cool contest!! It's so nice you are giving so many prizes, thank you!
    I am looking forward to visiting my family in Mex, and going to see the Mayan pyramids with hubby ^_^

  29. Great giveaway! I am looking forward to a conference that I am going to in April, undergrad sophmores never get to go to conferences! I have my own research project to present and everything! :D

  30. Nice giveaway!

    I’m a new follower of your blog and this year I look forward to getting my driver license! I’m also hoping I’ll find a nice parttime job and maybe, at the end of this year, I’ll be able to get my own lil place <3

  31. Hello!

    I'm a follower :)

    I definitely look forward to becoming a licensed lawyer this year *crossing fingers*

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  32. Hi!
    My name is Lara and I'm a new follower. Your NOTD look so fun! Luv them.

    I'm looking forward to an internship I interviewed for last week. It's in a great place and well payed, too. I think I might have a chance so fingers crossed! And I also want new episodes of 'Glee'. LOL

    PS: My email is in my profile

  33. OH, and i've blogged now :)

  34. hi!
    I'm a follower.this year...hmmm...
    I want to get big grades at my final exam and I just wanna be happy...

  35. I am a follower here on google as well as added you to my bloglines.
    Right now I am looking forward to spring and getting my allotment in order. Figuring out what to grow this season and later on, harvesting.

    lisa @

  36. Grats on your followers.

    One entry for me please :)

    jinnzor AT gmail DOT com

  37. hi! my name is Jennifer H and i followed you already :)
    i filled out the form too, i blogged + tweeted about your giveaway and posted links there in the form.

    I'm going to graduate this year and my future career is very challenging and puzzling to me, I am looking forward to joining the journalism/media communications field. The positive thing is, I am currently on exchange in denmark, so I will graduate later than my peers, so I probably will face less competition for jobs by then LOL lets hope it's true!

    thanks for having this great giveaway!

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dott) com

  38. Hi, I am really looking forward to finishing Uni and hopefully I'll find a job which I am really excited about :)


  39. Hi! Congrats, you have reached 100 followers :)

    My name is Gabriela and I`m a new follower. I posted about your giveaway and also tweeted.

    This year I`m looking forward a job as architect. I know it`s difficult right now but I hope I will have good luck.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  40. did your form.

    i'm looking forward to finishing my studies this year. i did an extra year so it's dragging on...

    daisypack at hotmail dot com

  41. Hi! :) I'm a follower and I'd like to enter your awesome giveaway :)

    I'm looking forward to graduating from high school this year. And maybe finally getting my driver's license :D


  42. Hi you´ve set up an amazing giveaway here! Thanks!

    This year I´m looking forward to:

    - worry less about things that are not so important

    - Loose weight and keep it lost! Jajaj!!!

    - Keep enjoying life with my two little girls who are EVERYTHING to me!

    (now I´m off to filling your form)


  43. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I'm following you on blogger and twitter.

    I am really looking forward to:
    - my best friend's wedding! She's been wanting to get married for so long and her bf finally proposed last week!

    - getting a new job

    my email is

  44. hi enter me please:)

    things im lookin forward to:
    completing my first year of uni
    going to india in the summer for 2 months!!
    and also more polish hauls :D


    i'm looking forward to graduating nursing school this year!

  46. I'm looking forward to losing weight, looking and feeling better :)

  47. Hi! I look forward to promotion. I began to participate in international competitions. I look forward to winning here.

  48. Tweet

  49. I am looking forward to getting my very first own apartment where I am going to live together with my wonderfull boyfriend whom I love very very much, and hopefully graduating from university!

  50. Nice giveaway :)

    I can't wait to graduate and start college! I'm so done with high school XD

  51. I look forward to my girls making great grades on exams and EOGs and going to the beach and I am a follower

  52. I'm a follower

    This year I'm looking for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

  53. I follow (follower name is Damla). I'm really looking forward to being very very successful with my own symphonic & gothic metal band.

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Hi!
    I'm a follower! I'm looking forward for a job :)
    I tweeted!


    I filled out your form :)

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. I follow through google friend and I'm looking forward to the birth of my niece's baby. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  58. *-- Not an entry --*

    Just wanted to let you know that I listed your giveaway in my blog!

    Here's the link:

    I hope it brings you more participants & followers. :)


  59. Hi! I love your blog! :D
    I am a follwer on Blogspot, and Google!

  60. I dont' ahve a Blogroll, but I've linked your blog on my favourite Blogs list on my Blog.
    If that doesn't count, ignore this comment!

  61. I've blogged about your giveaway!

  62. Now what I am looking forward to:
    I'm looking forward to my hubby's work visa being approved so we can both be working for our household. It's been really hard on me supporting my family alone. I plan on celebrating our imporved income on getting a Curves membership, and a bunch of nail polish to show off on my nail blog.

  63. I'm looking forward to master biology, chemistry and physics.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  64. Wonderful and awesome giveaway, much amazing polishes !!!!!!! It's very kind from you, thanks for this.
    Enter me please, I am a follower : Saori
    my e-mail :

    This year, I hope to change my bathroom if I have money hi hi and try a lot of polishes and play with my children.........all things to do.

  65. That is great that you have your 50+ followers.

    This year I want to graduated College, Get back on my feet after my recent surgery, and just to have the best life.

    I filled out the spreadsheet and I tweeted it,

  66. I'm looking forward to baseball opening day. I work at a booster club & I get a lot of hours when baseball season starts! That really helps pay for dance for my girls!

  67. I look forward to the summer! School has been very hard for me this year, so I can't wait to get a break!

  68. blogged~

  69. added to blogroll~

  70. fb post~!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=384704959568&id=1311307310&ref=nf

  71. tweet~

  72. Great giveaway!

    I'm looking forward to going to BlogHer '10 in NYC!! AND starting my own polish blog, this would be a great contribution to starting that up!

  73. -i'm looking forward to more money coming in, lol. with my hubby's new job it feels great that we have something to look up to and not worry about financial difficulties. 2009 was really a struggling year for us so hopefully no worries for this new year.
    -became a blog follower

  74. tweeted here:

  75. tweeted here:


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