Monday, May 17, 2010

Burgundy Comparison

The clearing of my inventory continues. This week I'll post more of the comparisons I did, and interject those with some other fun pictures and review of RBL Diddy Mow which I put on today and will test the "9 day wear" claim made there.

On to the comparisons.  Here are the bottles:
Left to right, the players are: Nubar Chocolate Raspberry, Borghese no name mini from Christmas set, Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco, Sally Hansen mini from Christmas set and OPI mini All A-bordeau the Sleigh.

Same order, starting with my thumb then to my index finger left to right in the sun.
And indoors, indirect daylight.

Nubar Raspberry Truffle is a brown based creme with burgundy flecks. I love the Nubar formula and the brush is good. Two coats to full coverage, but a third adds depth and is so devine. I love this color, it's yummy and has depth to it so it gets to remain in my collection. Lizard rating: Toasty!

Borghese Unnamed mini has an exceptional brush for a mini polish. I found it very easy to use, pro wide and not super short like some minis. They also have a great formula and the pigment was impressive. This is only two coats. Lizard Rating: Balmy only because it is a mini and I'm over minis. LOL

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco is a favorite after seeing it on all the other blogs and before this, an untried.  A gorgeous red-brown base with shimmer. Yum! This was as delightful as you've seen out in the blogosphere. The brush is ample, if rather standard. The formula was nice and very well pigmented, also 2 coats to this beautiful finish.

Sally Hansen unnamed mini. This one was also 2 coats of YUM. A rich, dark wine with shine to spare. This brush was also amazing for a mini polish. I loved this color but recently decided that my space won't allow as many bottles as I'd like to own and therefore I'm going to purge Drug Store polishes that I can dupe with a higher end polish. Besides, it's a mini...I'm over 'em. :)  Lizard Rating: Toasty, but no doubt can find a dupe I'll want to keep.

OPI All a-Bordeau the Sleigh was just "meh" for me. Cuticle drag, streaky and the typical issues I have with OPI. I am so not a fan of OPI...has to be a spectacular color that I absolutely cannot get elsewhere before I even consider going there, and usually skip it anyway. This is a not-so-deep red wine. Lizard Rating: Tepid
Maybe a fourth coat would have made this one better but 3 is my limit. Besides, it's a's gone. :)

I hope you enjoyed my Burgundy Comparison! Next up: Duochrome Purples.


  1. Great comparison! Can't wait to get my hands on xherry tobaco:)do you also have opi black cherry chutney? I wonder how similar it is to tobaco, hmm:)

  2. KONADomania: I look at that one all the time, but I don't care much for OPI so I've skipped that one. Seems to me that OPI BCC is a dark purple base with shimmer while DC CT is a chocolatey brown base with burgundy shimmer. So, similar in vamp, but altogether different enough to have them both.
    Biba: Love them!

  3. nice comparison =) the Borghese polish has to be my favorite. haha

  4. Love seeing comparisons. :) Your nails are so pretty,

  5. I love comparisons! Very nice ! I love Nubar as well!

  6. Oww, thank you for this post! The comparison was very helpful! <3<3<3

  7. Oh, I love burgundies and to see several bottles in a row is like heaven! I won't pick a favourite. I love them all! :)


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